At Marovato Italian Imports, we exclusively import Le Ferre Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castellaneta (TA) located in the Puglia region of Italy.  Bottled in various sizes, Le Ferre's Multivarietale Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a refined combination of many Italian olive varieties producing a beutifully tasting oil that can be used both raw or while cooking.  Le Ferre's Flavoured Olive Oil is a wonderful combination of Le Ferre's Extra Virgin Olive Oil and various commonly used kitchen spices.  Marovato Italian Imports carries over 20 of the different flavor combinations in .10L or .25L glass bottles.

Please note:  In cases where olive oil has been exposed to colder temperatures during shipping, the oil may appear cloudy or you may see some solidified oil.  Olive oil is not harmed by cold or freezing.  Allowing it rise to room temperature will generally clear up the cloudiness.  If the oil is still cloudy after coming up to room temperature, you may warm the oil in a warm water bath to completely clarify it.  Do not use hot water, as this could affect the quality of your oil.

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